Legoland; Theme Park: Halloween
Facials; Multi Cities; Beauty Products
restaurant dining; western food; wine and dine
Fine Dining; French Cuisine; Wine and Dine
Dining; International Cuisine; Buffet
Fine Dining; Cantonese Cuisine
Fine Dining; Japanese Cuisine
Healthcare, Shopping
Beauty, Spa
Others, Shopping
Shopping, Watches
Optometry; Glasses; Eyewear; Sunglasses
Optometry; Branded Eyewear; Glasses; Sunglasses; Multi Cities
Optometry; Glasses; Sunglasses; Multi-Cities
Fitness; Gym Equipment; Health; Sports; Multi-Cities
shoes; comfortable shoes; lightweight shoes
Gym equipment; Health; Fitness
Bakery; Bread and Cakes; Japanese Breads
Bags; Leather Goods; Briefcase
Optometry; Glasses; Japan Lenses; Penang; Klang Valley;
Glasses; Optometry; Japan Lenses;
Skincare; Beauty
Pub; Night Out; Kuala Lumpur
Japanese Cuisine; Hotel Dining; Kuala Lumpur
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