Introducing a moreSecure Paymentmethod

Effective 1 July 2017, all credit card payments at point of sale terminals in Malaysia must be authorized with a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) as signature will no longer be accepted. This is an industry-wide change to improve financial security and prevent credit card fraud.

AboutPin & Pay

PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 6-digit password of your choice that will be used to authorize transactions.


Your new Credit Card has a contactless feature. It’s a new, fast, easy and convenient way to pay and lets you make everyday purchases and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled card wherever you see the universal contactless symbol.

How do IActivatemy PIN-enabled Credit Card?

call us at +603 8321 8999, our 24 hours Automated Card Activation Hotline.
Select "1" for Card Activation Option.
For Primary Cardholder, enter NRIC/Passport Number and date of birth. To activate supplementary Credit Card, enter supplementary cardholder’s NRIC/Passport Number and date of birth.
Key in the last 4 digits of the Credit Card number and the Expiry Date.
A One-Time security code would be sent to the cardholder's registered Mobile Number.
Key in this 6-digit security code to complete your activation. You can start using the card upon receving a confirmation SMS.
Press "2" to create PIN for your card and follow the instructions. Do not use your IC/passport, date of birth, telephone number or any consecutive numbers as your PIN.

How toUse Pin & Payat merchant?

Transaction Above RM250*


insert your card at the terminal


securely key in your 6-digit PIN when prompted
No SIGNATURE is required

Transaction RM250* and Below


for the universal contactless symbol which indicates the terminal is a contactless reader


your contactless card when prompted by the merchant
No PIN or SIGNATURE is required
*Subject to change.

Important Information

Activate your card now to enjoy the new features
Do not disclose your PIN to any other person, or keep a written record of it
Notify us immediately if you suspect your PIN has been compromised
1. What is a PIN & Pay credit card?

Pin & Pay card is a PIN-enabled credit card that allows you to authorize a purchase at a point of sale terminal in Malaysia by keying in a 6 digit PIN, instead of authorizing the transaction with your signature.

2. Why is PIN safer than signing?

PIN usage can help protect against fraud due to lost or stolen cards, because the card and the PIN are both required to make a payment. This is why you must always keep your PIN secret.

3. Why do I need a new card to use PIN?

Your existing credit card does not support PIN authorisation for payments, that is why you need a new card that is PIN enabled. Also, effective 1st July 2017, all payment terminals in Malaysia will only accept PIN enabled credit cards.

4. When will I receive my new card?

We are in the midst of mailing out PIN enabled credit cards. You will receive your new card by September 2016 at the latest. If you have more than one credit card with us, each of your PIN enabled credit cards may reach you at different times. Note: You do not need to call in to request for a PIN enabled card.

5. Can I continue using my existing card after I have received my PIN enabled card?

Your existing card will be deactivated 90 days after your PIN enabled card is issued. Please activate and use your PIN enabled card as soon as you receive it to avoid interrupted service.