who usually uses telegraphic transfer services ("tt services")?


Many parents who have children studying overseas utilize TT services multiple times a year to provide for their child's expenses, school fees, and miscellaneous supplies.


People who work abroad often transfer their earnings back home for safekeeping, or to provide for their remaining family members back home.

Business Owners

Business owners with a network of businesses worldwide usually require TT services for payments and company expenses.


Similar to business owners, investors may also have the need to transfer money to foreign entities in different currencies.

did you know, when using hsbc's tt services, you can decide on who pays the fees incurred?

Flexible fee structure

There are a number of fees that are charged during a TT services transaction. They are:

Transfer fee

Intermediate bank fee

Receiver or "beneficiary bank" fee

HSBC gives you the option to choose who pays the above fees, by selecting one of the below charge types:

If you want the beneficiary to pay

If you want to pay

If you want to share the fees with the beneficiary

did you know it's often faster and cheaper to transfer money to the same bank abroad than to any other bank?

Increased convenience

A regular TT services transaction can involve up to 3 banks

Your bank

An intermediary bank

Your beneficiary's bank

It's a faster, easier and cheaper way to transfer money, when an intermediary bank is not involved.

HSBC is a leading international bank with presence in 72 countries and territories.

It is more convenient for customers to transfer money from Malaysia to any of the other countries that HSBC operates in.

Premier and Advance customers can view and send money globally via

  • Global View
  • Global transfers

Global View and Global Transfers allow one to access all his/her HSBC accounts around the world all on one screen and send money instantly between them.


did you know? the best days to transfer money via tt services are mondays and tuesdays.

Faster transactions

It normally takes 3-4 working days to process a transfer. As Mondays and Tuesdays are the start of a work week, your money would be able to reach its destination within the same week.

With HSBC's 24/7 online banking, you can make telegraphic transfers whenever and wherever you wish.

did you know that online telegraphic transfers are faster and cheaper?

Online telegraphic transfers reduce the probability of errors and give the customer an error notification immediately and thereby reduces processing time and cost. In addition, it is easy and secure.

embrace multiple channels

HSBC's easy transfer channels include:

24/7 Personal Internet Banking

  • Transfer whenever you need to
  • Perform a one-time transfer or set up recurring transfers
  • Choose to transfer immediately or set a future transfer date
  • Increase or decrease transfer limit anytime (daily transfer limit of RM50k)

Via Branches

  • For branch locations please visit www.hsbc.com.my

Global View and Global Transfers

  • Global View and Global Transfers allow you to access all your HSBC accounts around the world all on one screen and send money instantly between them (only available to HSBC Premier and Advance customers).

In the past, international money transfers were complicated things requiring physical money orders or fax machines sending messages from bank to bank. Thankfully, in this digital age, money may be wired easily to any location within a minimal amount of time. HSBC's telegraphic transfer service offers more than just a way to send money. It also offers convenience, speed, and user‑friendliness while maintaining a high level of security.

With 24/7 Personal Internet Banking and numerous branches, customers are able to transfer funds whenever they wish as well as customize each telegraphic transfers to their unique needs. As a leading international bank, having an HSBC account also removes the need for an intermediary bank during transfers between HSBC accounts globally, and thereby saving time and unnecessary fees. HSBC allows you to choose who bears the fees ‑ you, your beneficiary, or by sharing out the fees together.

Visit www.hsbc.com.my/tt today for more information on HSBC's Telegraphic Transfers Services.