Times are changing; the old views of holding on to pension schemes, personal savings and/or insurance as a retirement plan are no longer sustainable.
are concerned about whether their employer pension schemes will be able to pay out in full.
say they need interest rates to rise if they are to save enough to be comfortable in retirement.
of working age people believe that retirees will have to spend more on healthcare costs in the future.
Source: Future of Retirement (Malaysia) report 2017, Shifting sands, April 2017.
Regardless of what the future holds, your journey towards a comfortable retirement is determined by these 3 key influences:
Having adequate funds to support
your changing lifestyle;
Sustaining through the volatile
Maintaining your funds throughout
your retirement years
With that in mind, make financial planning the key to prepare for a comfortable retirement for you and your family.
Start planning now by using our Retirement Calculator to calculate the
expected savings you need to have for your desired retirement.
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The above information is for illustration only and is based on your data input, including the following assumptions which are used to compute your monthly contributions and total savings achieved: 1. All savings and gains remain invested until retirement. 2. Inflation rate is at 4% per annum. 3. Retirement income is needed up to 77 years old based on Future of Retirement (Malaysia) report 2017, Shifting sands, April 2017. 4. Annual rate of returns on savings/investments is at 5% per annum. Reproduced with permission from The Future of Retirement, Shifting sands, published in 2017 by HSBC Holdings plc.’ HSBC is a trademark of HSBC Holdings plc and all rights in and to HSBC vest in HSBC Holdings plc.