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3 easy steps to apply for a Credit Limit Increase:

  1. Fill up the online application form below
  2. You will receive a SMS with a link to upload your latest income document
  3. Our sales representative will call you to complete the submission

Type of Income document valid for submission are as follows:

  • EPF iAkaun statement or;
  • Latest 3 months' Payslip or;
  • Letter of Appointment (if employed less than 3 months)
  • EPF iAkaun statement or;
  • Latest 6 months' commission statement & bank statement
  • Business Registration (mandatory) and any of the following
    • Latest Form B with tax payment receipt or CP02 with bank statement showing tax amount debited or;
    • EPF iAkaun statement (applicable to EPF with deductions in both employee and employer portion) or;
    • Latest 6 months' bank statement
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My Declaration

Consent for Processing Personal Data

(a) I hereby declare and confirm that I have fully disclosed in this application form all the information on my outstanding debt obligations including secured and unsecured financing obtained from all financial institutions and other non-bank entities that provide credit facilities (e.g. cooperatives, building societies, credit companies and merchants that provide credit sales) and that such information is correct, complete and not misleading.

(b) I understand that failure to provide full and correct material information will affect HSBC’s decision on this application, may lead to (i) rejection of this application or (ii) termination of the credit card facility, if granted.

(c) I consent and agree that the Bank may collect, process and disclose my information, for purposes as provided for in the Bank’s Notice to Customers relating to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Notice”) and in the manner described in Clause 10 “Collection, Processing and Sharing of Customer Information” of the Bank’s Generic Terms and Conditions (GTC). I confirm that I have been given a copy of the Notice and also confirm that I have read and agree to the contents and terms of the Notice. I understand I can also download a copy of the Notice and GTC Clause 10 from

(d) I authorise HSBC to confirm any of the information given from any source HSBC may choose, including carrying out credit checks and obtaining credit reports and information on me and also on all guarantors and security providers (as applicable) (collectively “Data Subjects”) from time to time, from Credit Bureau Malaysia and any other credit reporting agencies registered under the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 (as listed on HSBC’s website at, and I consent to Credit Bureau Malaysia sourcing and retaining information on me and all Data Subjects from any available data source and disclosing to HSBC any such information as HSBC may request. I hereby warrant that I have been irrevocably authorised by the Data Subjects to give this consent on their behalf.

(e) I understand and accept that the granting of this credit card facility is subject to legislation which have imposed certain restrictions and prohibitions on HSBC providing banking facilities (i) to persons related to officers, directors, shareholders or service providers (including professional services) or landlords/lessors/vendors or purchasers of real estate or capitalised leases of HSBC and that of HSBC’s subsidiary, HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad or its holding company, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, or (ii) to directors of any entity within the HSBC Group. These are (i) Section 47 of the Financial Services Act, 2013 (“FSA”) read with the Guidelines on Credit Transactions and Exposure with Connected Parties issued by Bank Negara Malaysia, as the same may be replaced, amended or updated from time to time (the “Restrictions”), (ii) Part 8 of the Banking (Exposure Limits) Rules of the Banking Ordinance of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the law of the place in which the Bank’s holding company is located, and (iii) Section 224 of the Companies Act 2016, as the same may be amended, re-enacted or replaced (collectively, the “Prohibitions”).

(f) I understand that my application may be unsuccessful but it is BNM’s requirement that information relating to this application, whether successful or otherwise, to be updated to the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) database maintained by BNM.

(g) I understand that all terms and conditions governing the usage of the credit card including the HSBC's Universal Terms and Conditions and the Cardholder Agreement available on shall apply.