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Use our home loan savings calculator to see the real difference refinancing with HSBC HomeSmart can make to your life.
Home Loans Savings Calculator
I have a home loan.
The average interest rate is 5.03%*. HSBC HomeSmart’s interest rate is 4.50%
*Based on average interest rate from as of 19 December 2016
How much difference can 0.53%
make ?
Savings of RM 0
HSBC HomeSmart gives you:
Freedom to make
prepayments anytime
without notice or
additional charges.
Freedom to make
withdrawals on excess
payments anytime without
notice or additional charges.
Banking convenience via
ATM, cheque book and
internet banking.
Own your home in half the
time1 by consolidate your
savings and salary into
the HomeSmart account.
Enjoy up to RM4,500 guaranteed cash2 when you take up an HSBC HomeSmart today.
Size (RM)
to < 500K
to 750K
and above
Rates offered
BR +1.00%
for entire tenure
Incentive (RM)

Note: BR is 3.5% as of 28 July 2016

Issued by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 127776-V).
1This is dependent on fulfillment of certain conditions, namely the financing amount granted and its tenure, monthly income and savings and/or idle funds that can be maintained by the individual(s) in the HomeSmart account.
2HSBC Advance Mortgage Cash Incentive Campaign October 2016 Terms and Conditions apply. A lock in period of 5 years will be applied on the HomeSmart and in the event of early settlement within the lock in period, an early termination fee of 2% of the facility amount will be imposed. Campaign Period from 4 August 2016 to 31 January 2017. The Campaign is open to all HSBC Advance customers who: (i) apply for a HomeSmart of at least RM350,000 (which is subject to HSBC’s credit evaluation) for financing/refinancing of a completed property; (ii) submit all required income documents to HSBC during the Campaign Period; and (iii) have their HomeSmart approved and the Letter of Offer issued within the Campaign Period and accept the Letter of Offer within the time period stipulated in the Letter of Offer.